How to Use Zoom

Quick Guide to Zoom for Newbies (shared from IGCTN)
What you need to use Zoom for video-conferencing
  • An email account
  • A computer or phone with a microphone and camera. Camera is not needed / required
  • An internet or data connection
NOTE: The first time you join a Zoom meeting, your computer may need to load the app. Just follow the screen instructions. You can use Zoom as a phone app or by dialing in on your phone, but you will want to be on your computer to fully participate in the video call.
Entering a meeting scheduled by someone else
Click on the link provided by the meeting host. It will look like this:
Managing Muting, Video and Chatting during a meeting
ToolBar: Once in a Zoom meeting, turn on this toolbar by hovering with your cursor at the bottom of your screen. There are just four of the tools you will need.
Using the Tool Bar
Click Mute to turn your microphone on and off. It’s a good practice to mute unless you are speaking. Always mute if there is background noise at your location.
Click Stop Video to turn your camera on and off. It’s best to turn on your video since it allows for a more personal experience.
Select Chat to make comments to the group, or to any of the individuals on the call. The Chat window shows comments posted by all participants.
Click End Meeting when you are done.
Navigating around your computer
With Zoom and other applications or Internet browsers open on your computer, it’s easy to get lost. Sometimes a presenter or other participant will share a link in the chat window. If you click on the link and then want to get back to Zoom, find your Dock (on a Mac) and look for the white video camera in a blue box icon. That’s Zoom. On a PC, find your tabs and click back on the Zoom tab.
If the meeting host shares their screen it will initially display on your entire screen. Hit “Esc” on your keyboard to minimize that screen size so that you can navigate around your computer.
Additional guidance:
Zoom video tutorials with these being the most useful for people new to Zoom:
Getting started Mac or PC – other online resources